Stage 4/4


Now we are at the end of the road, or is it the beginning?


Alcohol by volume:

5.5% ABV


water, hops, yeast and malt.

Serving temperature:

between 8 and 12 ºC


Armando has officially become Armadillo man. This was accomplished by his search; and while searching he stumbled upon our colourful KADABRA: Red ale.


Having a malted and caramelized flavour, this Irish beer (also known as Irish Red Ale) did not disappointed the unique being in which he had become.


The deep reddish / copper colour resulting from the barley and malt roasting process fit perfectly with his new look. Besides, it has a magical taste: strong because of the malt, with a slight fruity fragrance and a nuance of butter, being sweet at the beginning and with a roasted dry at the aftertaste.


Something released this fourth step of the story: mystery. The mysterious origin of this beer - just few data from the medieval Ireland are known - triggered this end with a taste of beginning. A mystery almost as interesting as the fact of a man becoming an Armadillo.