Stage 3/4


Well, well. Armando is in the second half of his transformation.


Alcohol by volume:

6.5% ABV


water, hops, yeast and malt.

Serving temperature:

between 8 and 12 ºC


This is becoming more and more interesting. Interesting as our Indian Pale Ale, a beer with a long history behind which combines bitterness and sweetness, showing an appealing slightly brown colour and whose flavour has as much character as the man who dreamt of becoming an Armadillo.


Thanks to the blend of caramelized malts, this ale is intense, tasteful, fragrant and full bodied. Obviously, our Armadillo-to-be drew his attention to its features and its "long history behind".


After asking lots of questions, he finally found out the origins of its name: at the beginning of the 18th century, the British colonial empire shipped beer to its army from England to India. After a six-month journey, the quality of the product was deplorable. In order to solve this problem, a brewer developed an ale type with more alcohol and doubling the hops (these being a natural preservative). Thanks to him, Calcutta received a quality product (and now you can enjoy our Indian Pale Ale; you won't easily forget it!).