Organic Beer


Our "The Tree Man" is a philosophy of life, a consciousness by natural products.


Alcohol by volume:

5,2 % ABV.


water, ecologic malts and hops, yeast.

Serving temperature:

between 7 and 9 ºC


This beer is going to be part of our continuous production and it is an evolution toward a healthier and more natural way of living which wants to be in harmony with the nature . this is the reason we have made this classic Pale Ale beer as an ecological beer of excellent quality and flavor . It is obtained only using ecologic malts and hops coming from center Europe and America totally craft made and natural.


Armando has evolved from the “armadilloman” towards “the tree man”. It is an evolution towards the nature, forgetting all kinds of modernity in the process.


In Kadabra we want to follow this philosophy and, faithful to our beliefs, we have made a product that respects 100% the organic essence in both the process and its ingredients. That it is why we make all our beer in a natural way.