Two school friends have the main role in the story. They kept always in touch and from time to time they met for having dinner and catch up. Thank goodness, on the contrary we won't have KADABRA. Scaring!  

Destiny chose different careers for these two friends, but the curiosity they had when they were students remained untouched!


So, turning back to that phone call in autumn... That ''Hey, dude! How's everything going?'' was the starting point of a conversation, which triggered an idea, which triggered a long process of studying the field of craft brewing, which triggered uncountable journeys... a chain of events packed with lots of enthusiasm!


Perseverance, research, desire, learning. The project took its first steps and more people, infected with the enthusiasm of these two friends, joined a team devoted to an inspiring and revolutionary concept! This long development process enabled us to do things the right way, thoroughly designing the project at all levels in order to suggest something new, cut off from the established models.


We want you to take part in this story, do not accommodate! We invite you to share our feelings: ever since that phone call in autumn, we are freer and happier! Want to join us?