Special Edition 01


The special edition is what we have found exploring new beer styles.


Alcohol by volume:

5 % ABV


water, american malts and hops, yeast.

Serving temperature:

between 8 and 12 ºC


The Special Edition 01 American IPA is our first beer with the characteristic American style given by the hop as the main ingredient.


This beer is characterized by its scent that comes from the different aromatics hops that also give it a very special personality. That it is why we have not wanted to spare and we have made an IPA of 70IBUS of bitterness.


This IPA has a very herbal scent. On the palate the first sensation is a very light malt, followed by fruity and tropical fruits flavors ... and then a marked herbal flavor, that lingers at the aftertaste.


It´s a beer with lots of personality only suitable for our most daring armadillos and those who want to explore new sensations where its maximum exponent it is aroma and flavor.


This special edition is a limited edition that stated to be sold on December 15 2016 so if you have the opportunity to taste it don´t miss it!