Stage 2/4


The transition went on. Armando was more curious, more Armadillo.


Alcohol by volume:

4.8% ABV


water, hops, yeast and malt.

Serving temperature:

between 4 and 7 ºC


There is no better way to continue his transition than having a KADABRA that is, by itself, a transition between soft beers and stronger ones: Golden ale, golden-coloured and with a complex character; our medium traditional English style ale. Amazing!


Light-bodied, this ale is brewed using different types of barley malt, contributing to the noticeable taste to this cereal without setting aside its freshness and showing a balanced and integrated bitterness. Armando loved its aftertaste: medium dry, or even somehow sweet. He also liked to know that "Ale" is the name of one of the two big beer groups, those which include yeast to the fermentation process (when he learnt that, he though out loud: "umm, being that curious leads you to discover new things!").