Stage 1/4


Grabbing this "white" beer, Armando's transformation began that summer.


Alcohol by volume:

5% ABV


water, wheat, hops, yeast and malt.

Serving temperature:

between 4 and 7 ºC


He felt like tasting the light and fruity Belgian white, feeling its creamy and lasting head, drinking one of our flavoured and subtly cloudy KADABRA from wheat which is unmalted, unfiltered... unexpected.


Armando explored. He read up on beers. And learnt that "white" beers have their roots in the medieval Belgium (14th century). He also read that due to the success of "Pils", "white" beer production dropped and almost disappeared in 1950; but a couple of dreamers (just like him!) decided to resume its brewing in 1966. What a great idea!


So that was Armando's wonderful summer. He was with his best mate: a light beer, with a touch of bitterness, with character but very refreshing. KADABRA's Belgian white.